Series: Discovery

One day it just hit hard. Woke up in the need to somehow express how much other artists inspired my journey as a creator.

Odd to put in words. It all started with Y001, the first piece of @SynesthesiaART. That piece put my attention on hicetnunc. Watched Syn grow, consolidating a raw proposal: audio through colours evolved to art. The now glorious β€œAbstract Audio Art” concept. Visionary.

A few days later @bayfragile pop up while browsing some abstract collectors and again, it hit hard. The apparent simplicity of the pieces hides minimalist perfection, an illusion of magical forms through dithering and brutal colour choices.

Later on while reading β€œIn the tickle of Wharhol’s Fruit” (β€œThe Tickle” @InWarhol@orlainberlin triggered my inner energies: β€œmemories of flying, rainbow colored sweets, vibrations of a bugg…” mindblowing how you can connect with other human beings without knowing each other.

Kept following abstract pieces as my appetite for create continue to build. Then @festinalente6 works stumbled upon me with β€œDirty hands p2.” and blew my mind. Astute usage of colours, composition that resembles to provoke you, sincere and kind, rough too. Brilliant.

All of these moments, all of these artist, inspired me here.
This is XPLOIT celebrating DISCOVERY, a selection of pieces created to preserve the β€œclick” moment, the magic instant of discovering something for the first time.

To all of you, thank you. πŸ–€