Archie Morley is an Australian artist focusing on abstraction, photography and various digital manipulation techniques. His current artwork explores the process of creating abstract digital art through scans of his acrylic physical paintings and expressive studies.

Inspired by expressionism, psychedelia and the meditative benefits of creative experimentation, he aims to both create and release emotion through color, pattern, distortion, and movement. Immersed in the transition of physical to digital, Archie's approach highlights the transformational possibilities of combining traditional and digital art processes.

Unique editions of Archie's artwork are minted and sold digitally through blockchain technology as non-fungible tokens on Solana and Tezos.

His acclaimed first series, Fragmented Expressions, is in the private collections of many leading digital art collectors. His artwork has been displayed in France, Spain, Serbia, and the United States.


A few decades ago, the average man in the street would see abstract art as a visual experience and mental challenge that was both revolutionary and startling. In the present day, it would be right to state that abstract has been incorporated into our imaginations and is no longer an irritating and aggressive proposal but instead a genre that has flooded all aspects of our lives.

The sometimes called non-representational art has been present in many forms for much longer than most people might think. The game that abstract art represents to the mind leads us to think that abstract as a genre has always existed, primarily as a neurological signal, probably blocked in the modern era by religion and, mostly, lack of thought freedom.

The digital era has brought to abstract art an intense renascence of the practice, the tools, and most importantly, a refined new vision of how abstract can keep evolving. Archie is a great example of this accomplishment, bringing digital modernity along with a clear respect for the tradition and what has been previously achieved by others, combining what's possible to continue the abstract way.

Archie's work is unequivocally a process of experimentation. His background in photography gives him a clear advantage on setting the mood board for his pieces, with shocking compositions, magnificent color palettes and close to perfect alignment of elements and vanishing points.

AAmong other features present in his work, Archie is a master in the art of creation through repetition. Enhanced by digital tools, you can see how looping certain elements in his work can bring to life unexpected shapes, which, possessed by their previous strokes, end up in aggregated forms that extend enormous doses of beauty in all of his works.

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Archie Morley and his work. Enjoy finding the inner flow through Archie's visual experiments in this episode of the XPLOIT Gallery takeover (August 2022).

XPLOIT x ARCHIE MORLEY gallery takeover will happen during August 2022 in XPLOIT gallery in voxels.

Mind Expansion
Mind Expansion